Office Policies ... Continued

INITIAL CONSULTATION - There is a charge of $100.00 for the initial consultation (first appointment). This charge must be paid at the time of that appointment.
CANCELED APPOINTMENTS - There is a charge of $35.00 for any unkept appointment, which is not canceled at least two hours in advance. Please call to notify this office of any cancellations at least two hours before your appointment.  That way you will not be charged for the appointment, and we can fill that appointment with someone else who needs our help.
ABOUT OUR FEES - Each individual case (even those of the same general kind) is unique.  It is quite difficult, and sometimes unfair, to charge one standard fee for all cases of any particular kind; therefore, this office does not make a practice of charging flat fees.  At the time of your first appointment, you will be asked for the specific details of your case.  After all of the details have been discussed, the Attorney will carefully explain just how you will be charged for your case.  If you are not satisfied with the fee arrangement explained to at the time of your first appointment, you do not have to have this office handle your case.  Your only obligation is to pay for the appointment.
PAYMENT AND BILLING PROCEDURES - Most continuing cases are billed on a monthly basis.  That bill will reflect both the charges for the work done that month and for any outstanding (unpaid) balance from any previous months.  You will be expected to pay that month's bill within thirty days of the date on the bill.  If you will be unable to keep your bill fully paid up to date, you will be expected to contact this office immediately to make specific written arrangements for how your bill will be paid.  Additionally, a service charge of one percent per month will be charged against any outstanding balance, which is unpaid after thirty days.
OVER-DUE ACCOUNTS - All accounts that are over-due by ninety days are assigned to a collection agency for further collection action, which has an adverse effect on the credit rating.