Pre-Nuptial Agreement ... Continued

When the couple negotiates a pre-nupt prior to the wedding, it is always possible to cancel the wedding if no agreement can be reached. Out of concern that people might sign a pre-nupt under duress, Pennsylvania's Legislature has considered requiring that pre-nupts be signed at least 90 days before the wedding; however, that law has not yet been passed. If a similar document is signed after the people are already married, then it is known as a post-nuptial agreement or post-nupt.
  In order for a pre-nupt (or post-nupt) to be legally binding, the law requires a full disclosure of assets and liabilities—that is, a full list of all of the assets and liabilities of both future spouses must actually be part of the document itself. It is highly recommended that each future spouse review the pre-nupt with their own separate attorney prior to signing the document. Normally each person will need to meet with his/her own attorney at least two or three times. The process of preparing documents and circulating them for review and signature normally takes a few weeks. The cost of a pre-nupt usually varies with the number of documents prepared and the amount of legal work involved.

Attorney Pealer recommends that the pre-nupt process be started several months before the wedding, in order to avoid a later legal challenge that the agreement was signed under duress, and in order to allow ample time to get all the paperwork done properly. The first step in this process is to schedule an appointment.

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