Tips... Continued

  3. Please write down your questions before telephoning or attending your appointment (so that you will remember all the questions, which you wish to ask).

  4. Please save up several non-emergency matters for one appointment or telephone call.

  5. Please complete all information requested by the Attorney, and bring it to your scheduled appointment. If you have not completed the requested information, please telephone to see whether or not the appointment should be rescheduled.  (Often you will be asked to fill out papers and bring them with you to your second or subsequent appointment.  The purpose of that appointment is to go over those papers.  If they are not properly completed and turned in at the appointment, you will be paying for an unproductive appointment).

  6. Please leave small children at home or with a sitter before coming to the lawyer's office.  (Small children often disrupt the train of thought and keep you from getting the most from your visit).

  7. Please notify us as soon as you learn of any court hearings or other scheduled matters regarding your case.

  8. Please remember that you are being charged for our time. For this reason, anything that you can do to reduce the amount of time required for your case will result in less expense for you.  Please help us to do our job efficiently.